The Blendifference

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The Taste of Different

The Blendifference in our product means that we understand the importance of a healthy protein and fiber intake in your daily diet. Beverages that are made exclusively with juiced fruits and vegetables lack the broad spectrum of nutrients your body needs to function optimally.

All of our products are blended with fresh whole organic ingredients and superfoods in order to give you the perfect balance of carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein.

Your body is in a continual state of restoration and juiced produce alone lacks many of the building blocks your body needs to maintain, heal, and regenerate muscle, immune cells, organ tissue and hormones. For this reason, we blend our products and keep the fiber in tact to compliment our unique combination of wholesome produce, vegan lean protein, and healthy fats. This ensures that your body has everything it needs to optimize your metabolism and allow you to feel energized throughout your busy day.

In each of our Meal Replacement Smoothies, the lean protein and good-for-you fats prevent carbohydrate overkill, which can wreck havoc with energy levels. Our products do not contain “added sugar.” By opting not to use sweeteners, even organic varieties, you can be assured that 100% of the sugar grams listed on our labels come directly from whole, organic produce. We do not use any preservatives and all of our products are non-GMO.

Conventional protein drinks can be unappealing to drink because of their unpleasant flavor profiles. In our Blendifference we take the extra time to create what you crave and because of our unique blending process, we deliver a smooth, easy-to-drink consistency.

Our organic, raw sprouted Almond Milks make a perfect snack.

Our Blendifference means that you hold a product that has taken no shortcuts and made no sacrifices to method, flavor, or nutrition. It may require additional steps and thought in creating our products, but at Omgblends, our priority is giving you a great tasting, balanced and nutritious product that is conveniently delivered to your home or office meeting the needs of your busy lifestyle.

Our Blendifference provides you with the convenience, nutrition and taste that you don’t have to think twice about. Just grab, go and get on with your day. Delight in the taste of different.

Omgblends Cleanse

The Omgblends Cleanse works with your lifestyle.  Your daily package consists of two Meal Replacement Smoothies and one Almond Milk.  Each Meal Replacement Smoothie is made with organic produce, vegan lean protein and plant-based healthy fat.  The Almond Milk is a delicious snack.  We suggest incorporating one 350-500 calorie solid meal consisting of a lean protein such as: fish or chicken, or quinoa/bean variety if you’re vegetarian. Depending on your individual goal, we offer Cleanse packages that consist of 3, 7, 14 and 21 days.


Pre & Post Workout Meal Replacement Smoothies

(coming soon)

Our Pre Workout meal replacement smoothies are designed to deliver the ideal amount of carbohydrates that were created to help you bust through your workout, while our Post Workout meal replacement smoothies provide the protein and low sugar content that your body needs to refuel and restore after exercise.  These meal replacement smoothies not only help you with your workout routine, but are also designed to specifically assist your body’s efficiency both during and after your workout.

Baby Blends (coming soon)

Eating nutritious is not just for adults!  While you may be worried about what you put in your body, we know you’re also concerned about what you give to your infants and toddlers.  We are currently working on a line of Baby Blends that are designed with your little ones in mind.  Our Baby Blends will be delivered in conjunction with our product offerings.  Stay tuned.