Omgblends Is Ashley Koff Approved!

Oct 31, 2013


Omgblends’ smoothies are organic, fresh and nutritious, and now Ashley Koff Approved!  Registered Dietician, Ashely Koff is keen on “raising public awareness of the value of better quality eating,” so we are extremely delighted that she took notice in our nutritious products!


If you’re not familiar with Ashley Koff’s AKA Stamp of approval, let us share a little insight.  The AKA stamp means that any products that Ashley reviews are “evaluated and approved by [her], as a better quality choice, do not contain any nutrition ‘no, no’s,’ such as: “artificial stuff, too much of something, not enough of another.”


Koff is a self-described “Qualitarian” who “advocates eating the better quality foods available — choosing whole foods over processed parts, natural over made in a chemistry lab and organic whenever possible to avoid hormones, synthetic fertilizers, GMOs and harmful pesticides — to optimally fuel the body.”


Ashley makes regular appearances on national television programs including: The Dr. Oz ShowThe Doctors and various national and local news programs.  But that’s not it!  According to Koff’s official website, “she is frequently featured in and writes for articles for national publications, including The New York TimesO!: The Oprah Magazine, Every Day with Rachael RayRedbook and Women’s Health.”


With her huge following and recognition, we are overjoyed that Koff took a liking to our smoothies — and now, we can’t wait for your approval!


Taste the Blendifference today!